The Regatta Duty Watch (RDW) is a new concept to National Regattas. The RDW is youth lead and has input into how the regatta is run. The RDW are still looking for members to join the Watch. The requirement is that you need to be attending and participant at NR29 as a youth of any age! If you are interested please email Peter Westphal 

Hi I’m Misha and I’m from Iron Duke Sea Venturers in Nelson. I’ve been in scouting since I was a cub and now I’m a venturer. My favourite part about venturers is all the camps and outdoors activities we do. Some of my hobbies are high jumping and flips.

Hello, I’m Sophie and I’m from Britannia Sea Scouts in Wellington, where I am a Scout and have been there since I was a Cub in 2017. My favourite things about Scouts are all the fun water activities and the awesome people I’ve met

Hi my name is Nicholas. I am a venturer at Iron Duke Sea Scouts and have been attending scouts for 8 years and I have enjoyed every part of it. I most enjoy the sailing and the fun that I have at the regattas. As part of duty watch I hope to improve the feel of the regatta and make it fun for everybody. My hobbies are sailing, skiing and mountain biking.

Hi my name is Josh. I am a venturer at Iron Duke Sea Scouts and I have been in Scouting for 9 years. I really love going to regattas and camps like the Cosgrove course. By being part of the duty watch I hope that I can help make the regatta run well and smoothly for everyone so that we can all have a good time. Some of my hobbies include Cycling, Reading, and Skiing.

Hi, my name is Leon and I am currently a member of Owairaka Sea venturers. I have been in sea scouts for over 10 years, with the first 7 of those being spent at Aotea Sea Scouts. What I have loved about my time in sea scouts is the tight companionships I’ve formed at regattas and other events as well as the many adventures I’ve had along the way. What I hope to bring to the regatta as a member of the duty watch is a stronger youth leadership presence and a more enjoyable environment for everyone.

Hi, I am Maddy from Britannia Sea Scouts Venturers. I have been in the scouting movement since I was 11. I love the adventures that I have been a part of because of scouts. Some of my best memories are going sailing with my group or going to national school. Some hobbies include dance, sailing and skiing. What I hope to do as part of the regatta duty watch is fun ideas and to make sure everyone is going to have a fun time at National Regatta.

Hi I’m Neve. I’m currently a Venturer at Iron Duke Sea Scouts. I first joined Scouts as a Cub and loved it. I’ve done Scouts all over the world and visited troops while travelling through Europe. I have a big passion for sailing and it’s my favourite part of Ventures. But I also love all the connections you make with people on regattas. I’m a part of the Duty Watch to make this National Regatta not only about competing but enjoying the atmosphere of it

Hi I am Ciara and I am a part of the Ngati Toa Ventures, I have just recently joined ventures. I have been in scouting since I was a kea, so around 8 or 9 years. What I love about scouting are all the camps and friendships I have formed over the years and all the experiences I have had.

Hi I’m Jasmin, and I’m a venturer at Saint James Sea Scouts in Wellington. I joined scouting in 2017, and I really enjoy the hands-on activeness of sailing as a sea scout. I’ve got to know lots of people through scouts, and this has helped me grow in confidence. I wanted to be a part of the regatta duty watch to help other scouts and venturers enjoy and make the most out of this national regatta.

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